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A real transformation.

Who can benifit-Anyone who wants to look their best or mlhas specific concerns.

Fades brown spots, evens skin tone, improves texture, builds collagen, lifts and tightens.

See Peel, Dermarolling & FSD pages for more information on all equiptment used in Wow minus 10 package

1. Consult, skin analysis with skin scope machineu ltrasonic cleanse with retinol mask,enzyme with derma file,Radiency FSD Laser. Mask, LED Lght,with Electrophoresis radio frequency, ,serum moisturizer and spf

2. Above plus dermarolling with Biojovance serum infusion.

3. same as above

4. light to medium peel.or power enzyme/no dermaroll

6.same as week 2

7. medium peel face treatment.

9. Same as week 2

You will get results at Anitas Beautymark

A series is the most effective way to get the best results possible. My clients are my advertising.

PHOTOS before and after

Price. $165 3/$395 1free full size product included

7 sessions. 8-12 week plan

Customized series plan 

Only $899 Includes Full Size Age Reversal Medical Grade Skin Care Kit

By Cosmedical Technologies age reversal or ViktorIA Dean kit/To ensure best resultincludes s. $240 retail

Home care accounts for 35% of results in office professional treatment 65%.Like IPL,,FSD is less aggresive.I target each area of concern with proven state of the art and highest quality equipment and supplies.

Dermafile -Holistically removes skin imperfections with finely crushed diamonds on a wand.

Safe naturaly refines skin.Natural microderabasion

Polishes , smooths the skin surface,! Removes brown spots.Included all treatments 


5 Sessions Right Arm

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