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                                                               IONIC FOOT CLEANSE

Enhances your bodies ability to naturally detox, function more efficiently. Releasing negative ions (good for us) attracts positive ions in your body. Compared to 24 hours on the beach the water and sand release negative ions that's why you feel so good. energy after a day at the beach.  There are many scientific studies showing.  creates a more in tune body. PH goes from acidotic to alkaline. diseases are more prevalent in acidotic people. ie. Candia requires you to be in a acidotic state. Treatments last 30 minutes an infared belt for heath & pain relief reg. 40 sale $25   
add a castor oiil pack $15; detoxify liver or promote pain relief add 20 minutes for castor oil pack to treatment time. Includes foot massage with magneusm and essential oils after best done in series 3/60

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